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Okay - everyone else is talking/blogging about A-Rod so hey, why shouldn't I, right?  Sure I'm getting sick of all the A-Rod, A-Roid, A-Fraud chatter, who isn't? 

In a way though, I think that all this mess is working to his advantage.  Here's the thing, I'm starting to actually feel BAD for the guy.  He may not have to worry about a down economy with his excessive $28 million per year, but he certainly has the world on his shoulders personally and professionally.

With his divorce behind him, it seems as if in these troubled times he's turned to his family with his children and ex-wife standing behind him.  That's just a statement as to how much he needs the support to get through these troubled times.

When you make the kind of money that he does, I would think you'd feel a sense of duty and responsibility to perform... at least I would.  Then BAM! comes the steroid saga, which makes all his fans and teammates doubt his abilities.  I'm sure all he wanted to do was get back on the field and play baseball to prove himself.  But, before you know it, he's stopped in his tracks when he needed surgery on his hip.  Now he can just recover, rehab and patiently wait to get back on the field.  That has to be the worst feeling.  

This won't be the last of the A-Rod saga for the season.  Do you think it's even possible for him to come back and shush all the ney-sayers and non-believers?  Or do you think that no matter how well he performs, he's doomed and set up to fail?

I think this season will be a big one for A-Rod. I believe it's actually possible for him return to baseball and put all this behind him, it's just a very thin line he'll be walking on for a while.



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Mixed Emotions on WBC

So, it's here.  The World Baseball Classic.  The 16-team international baseball tournament -- a product of the many great minds at MLB coming together for the greater good of international baseball. 

I have no problems with international competition, but shouldn't that be left to something like the Olympics?  Of course I'm aware that baseball (along with softball) has been officially voted out of Olympic play.  So, where does that leave international baseball competition?  One decision had nothing to do with the other, the Classic was planned way before baseball was axed from the Olympics.  But, if baseball can't drum up enough support for the Olympics, how will the World Baseball Classic make it?

It almost seems like a nuisance, this international competition in several different locations around the world, held during spring training when teams are supposed to be gearing up for regular season play.  How do players benefit?  MLB? International baseball?  I hear so many different things through the grapevine.  I think it's a love / hate relationship really.  There's pros and theirs cons, as always, but which weighs more?  

Sure, players love the camaraderie, but shouldn't many of them be back with their teams, getting ready to play 162 games and building team camaraderie? 

What about injuries?  Sure players run the risk by playing in the tournament, but they're just barely ready to play - let alone travel and compete in an international tournament.  What about fatigue that could hit earlier because they wore themselves out too early, too soon?

And, what about the state of the economy?  Surely that has to effect ticket sales. What kind of crowds will there be at each location?  Will there be too little ticket sales to warrent discontinuing this? 

I'm curious to see the aftermath of the 2009 Classic . . . I think it comes down to $$ and in this day and age, nobody seems to have any to spare. 

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