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Posted on: June 18, 2009 4:11 pm

Chiming in on Manny and Sammy

I feel a sense of outrage after reading about Manny's return to the minors during his 50-game suspension for violating the drug policy.  

Manny is eligible to return July 3, when the Dodgers are in San Diego.

According to the latest reports, he's about a week away from a minor league assignment.  The assignment would be with San Bernardino, the Dodgers' Class-A affiliate.  However, the "schedule" isn't really that convenient for Manny because the league takes a break when Manny can play. 

I just can't believe that any player who violated the drug policy can be suspended for 50 games however, that does not include the minors?  A suspended player can allot time in their suspension for a "warm-up" period? 

The issue just goes back to MLB turning a blind eye to steroids and NOT being clear, concise and unwavering in their efforts to rectify the problem.  If Manny, or any other player for that matter, is suspended, it should be all-encompassing.  Period.  NO minor league stints... NO exceptions.   

Speaking of exceptions, Manny can have a minor league stint but he can't VISIT the clubhouse.  Remember not too long ago the big stink that was made of his visit to the Dodger's clubhouse.  Well, it wasn't really a stink, there was just a "friendly" reminder from the league.  HOWEVER, you'll notice that the policy was NO visits to the clubhouse when media is present, but when it's not present, it's okay?  

No wonder why baseball continues to suffer under the shadows of steroids, the league can't even be clear on punishments.

Seems like there's still a long way to go in this area.

Also, speaking of punishments, another report says a congressional committee will look into Sammy Sosa's denial of using illegal performance-enhancing drugs.  I think that Congress should get back to the business of our country and leave the baseball controversies to the League officials. 

Maybe the league should have such a committee.  However, I think we should start questioning the ethics of the League and this supposed "confidential" drug test back in 2003. 

This time I have to side with the players.  Regardless of if what they did was wrong or right, the League agreed to keep these drug tests confidential.  Amazing how the leaks keep on comming. 

But, shame on the players for not only taking the drugs, but actually believing that this information could actually be kept secret. 

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Posted on: August 1, 2008 3:24 pm

Midseason trades: What does it all mean?

Here  a few thoughts on the trades that went down:

In the American League . . .

For the moment, the Rays have the lead in the AL East and they need to keep playing how they've been all season.  But with a few monster trades, the Yankees will certainly be breathing down their necks.  I like their additions, but just not sure why they never went full-speed ahead for pitching help in the back-end of the rotation.  And as for Boston, Jason Bay has stats similar to Manny, but comes with less experience.  There's no doubt he's more of a team player so it could be a good mix for Boston.

In the Central, Griffey to the White Sox was an interesting move.  With the Twins closing in on the lead, you’d think they would go with more of a WOW trade, but maybe he can shake up the lineup in Chicago enough. 

As for the West, well, the Angels got themselves a little “October” insurance with the addition of Teixeira.  The Angels have shown some interest in keeping him around so the offseason will be interesting. 

In the National League . . .

I'm surprised there weren't more "big moves" in the NL East.  The Mets, Phillies and Marlins are all within a game or two and nobody really made a make-it (or break-it) trade. 

Despite the Brewers' recent losing streak, I still think the addition of CC Sabathia is a good one for the Brewers and will make the NL Central race a tight one to the very end. 

And, in the West? Will Manny's addition to the Dodgers lineup give them an edge over the Diamondbacks?  We'll soon see.  Although, I'm sure he'll add some drama, somehow.  I think Manny could have really made a difference for the Marlins, but in the end, I think it's better he didn't end up there.  Nobody expected the Marlins to be where they are and perhaps one of the reasons they are playing so well and still in the hunt is because of good chemistry in the clubhouse.  Who knows if it all would've exploded when Manny arrived.

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What do you think was the biggest midseason trade?  Do you think any were a total bust?  Which teams missed the boat?

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